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You can choose from sub-domains, your already existing domain or buy a new domain of you choice. With this quick and easy system you can find the ideal name for your website. Names are important so we make sure you get a big selection. Getting your name on the web is the best way to advertise your company and will soon gain plenty of world wide interest.

Here we empower your ideas to come to life from building your own website for free to managing your day to day business right here at twiggled.com and with our support you'll be advertising your idea or business in no time.

Being online is more than just having a website it is about creating an idea and a presence to the world. And a website is only part of that journey. We hope to provide our users now and in the future with the tools to create an online presence easily and cheaply.  Grow an online community. And most of all do it with ease from where ever you are on any device you wish to use.

We are working towards making the internet a fun and interactive place as well as making it the easiest place for everyone to work and share what they need to when they need to. 

The websites you build are completely customisable. So you really do have your website the way you want it. We want the world to be able to create their online dreams and achieve their ambitions as easily and cost effectively as possible.

That is why we built Twiggled. To give people the chance to build their own online dreams with ease. The DIY functions are built using open source technology with a little of our own additions to make it as easy as possible to create your online presence.

Start today and create your way......... 

 Testimonial -

We appointed Twiggled.com to update our website back in November 2014

They have diligently and professionally risen to that challenge and I am delighted with the changes and update carried out.

This has incorporated some innovative ideas and facilities beyond my expectations.

To be fair there have also been sporadic changes requested during the build period so, overall, I am well satisfied with the outcome and service.

Well done guys.


A M Hall



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